Protectability from a trademark through use – BIO-BEAUTÉ

Designations that describe products or services in some way are not classed as distinctive, as is well known, and therefore cannot be registered as a trademark. However, it is possible to overcome this obstacle to protection – provided the designation has acquired distinctive character before it is registered. What exactly must be done to achieve protectability from a trademark through use?

Deception via a company’s organic logo despite organic quality? - SALUS

Consumers encounter logos in the form of quality seals in advertising and on product labels on a day-to-day basis. The function of such logos is to inform potential consumers about the beneficial properties of the products. These logos are so widespread that the consumer may not always be able to identify their intended meaning. Despite this, can these logos be safely used as long as they keep their promise and the products are in fact beneficial?

Marketing through architectural brand – Museum Katowice

A uniquely designed building often has a particular architectural attraction, even charisma. It can represent a specific organisation or company in a way other marketing tools cannot and can contribute significantly to their image. Despite this, and the relatively little effort involved in using architecture in this way, such opportunities are still infrequently taken advantage of. Business owners and managers are encouraged to consider in this brand blog the conditions under which such architecture could be secured as a marketing instrument and protected as a brand.

Blocking an illegal foreign website – DNS block

The internet makes it easy to sell trade mark-infringing pirated goods. Taking action against this is often extremely difficult, especially in the case of foreign involvement. Blocking a domain name is the simplest way to prevent access to illegal websites via that name. When can this remedy be used? A case from copyright law provides some clarification. It is also relevant for trade mark law.